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This page is retained to provide a record of the not-so-recent past, links to past posters are only kept on the Diary page.

ARCHIVE (in reverse chronological order)

Previous meetings and events in 2013 and earlier

Meetings in 2014:

03/12/2014 S Christmas Social and raffle

13/11/2014 S RLUG 10 Year Anniversary Pub Dinner

30/10/2014 S Outing - autumn outing to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

24/09/2014 S DBF & RLUG Kennett and Avon Canal Day trip

15/10/2014 Well-being after Amputation

27/08/2014 Prosthetic limbs – from cast to delivery (Dominic Hannett of Opcare)
11/06/2014 Thumbs Up! Nick Hillsdon MBE speaking about QMH Upper Limbs Prosthetics: the last 30 years' experience  

08/05/2014 S Outing - this was our regular trip to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

16/04/2014 Spring Meeting: When Phantom Pain is not make believe (click for poster)

26/02/2014 Members Evening and AGM

Meetings in 2013:

04/12/2013 S Christmas Social & raffle plus more on Nutrition

16/10/2013 Two important talks: Benefits and Nutrition
28/08/2013 Extra meeting: The impact of body weight and diabetes on using a prosthesis - Part 2 of presentation by Dominic Hannett of Opcare

12/06/2013 The impact of body weight and diabetes on using a prosthesis - presentation by Dominic Hannett of Opcare - Part 1 - continued 28/08/2013
08/05/2013 S Outing to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, including lunch at Pembroke Lodge.

17/04/2013  - Hear about QMH input into World Congress of the ISPO (International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics) at Hyderabad in February 2013
27/02/2013 - Members’ Evening with 2013 Annual General Meeting - elections of Hub and Officers for the year

Meetings in 2012:

05/12/2012 S Christmas social tea/raffle
17/10/2012 - RLUG celebrates sporting achievements

13/06/2012 - Motability Schemes now and future

02/05/2012 S Outing to Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, including lunch and tea at Pembroke Lodge

18/04/2012 - Update on Benefits with Carol Graves

29/02/2012 - Members’ Evening with 2012 AGM Date changed due to half term

Meetings in 2011:

07/12/2011 S AGM (was postponed) and Christmas Social

21/09/2011 An Amputee’s experience of the Kilimanjaro Trek

20/07/2011 Diabetes and Podiatry: what should I know?

18/05/2011 Diabetes: How to avoid or how to manage it

19/01/2011 Lessons for the future in the QMHR story

16/03/2011 Is excess weight a risk to your health?

Meetings in 2010:

24/11/2010 Annual General Meeting and Social

15/09/2010  NHS and DWP changes - Enabling you to live better with limb loss 

21/07/2010 Nutrition: food and activity are partners for health

19/05/2010 Upper Limbs & Touch

07/05/2010 S Outing - Isabella Plantation visit

17/03/2010 Pain Management

20/01/2010 A new year with a healthy start

Meetings in 2009

18/11/2009 Annual General Meeting and Social

16/09/2009 Have your say on Services, Michael O'Byrne, Founder & CEO of Opcare. Also Cruising the Oceans: A bilateral amputee tells how.

15/07/2009 Prosthetic Management Clinic - Change of Practice Plans – How patients will benefit
20/05/2009 Motability
06/05/2009 S Outing - Isabella Plantation visit
18/03/2009 Healthcare for London Stroke & Trauma consultation

21/01/2009 Planning meeting for 2009

Meetings in 2008

18/12/2008 - S Christmas Social

19/11/2008 - Annual General Meeting

17/09/2008 - Talk by through-hip amputee Kevin Hickman about travels with his Brompton folding bicycle, featuring The Long and Winding Road: DBF's 3 week long charity ride from Lands End to John O'Groats undertaken by upper and lower limb amputees

16/07/2008 - DBF & the LA Limb Loss Legal Panel

21/05/2008 - Stan East: Working with Opcare, Carol Graves: Disability Benefits update

19/03/2008 - talks about Patient Education 1: Commissioning Prosthetics & Orthotics 2: How care improves when we build rapport


18/02/2008 - Introduction by Opcare

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